Video Production

We’ll engage in every level of video production project, from small branded videos to high-level documentaries and films. We’re involved from the idea phase to final execution.

Team and Agency Integration

We collaborate with outside agencies in need of filmmaking services. We’re well-versed in the world of marketing and readily integrate into existing plans or developed strategies.

Production Integration

We work seamlessly with other production studios and teams, integrating our video production services into your existing plans. Need a regional contractor? We’ve got you covered.

Website Design

We’re proud partners of Shopify and are happy to help develop your online home-base. We’ll create an easy-to-use platform specifically designed to support your videos, products, and messaging.

Featured Work

Three Episode Series for Can-Am Ryker

On the handlebars of Can-Am Ryker, Mathieu Dufour and Saramee set off to discover Vancouver Island. Between breathtaking landscapes and the wild beauties, the friendly duo meets Vincent, Sophie and Lydia, three Quebecers with a nomadic spirit thirsty for freedom.

Desjardins | Meet Change

Proudly working with CBC, Studio 549 introduced Desjardins´modernized workplace insurance, one of the first in Canada to include comprehensive coverage for gender affirming care. Featuring Chris Bergeron, a notable and respected Canadian Trans Rights activist, author, and advertising executive.

Duracell | A life of Achievement

In partnership with CBC and Duracell Studio 549 crafted a short documentary style piece to honour the work of one of the few female Fire Cheifs in British Columbia and the first to be awarded a lifetime achievement award.

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